Work Experience with Walker Books

It was around the 6th March 2012, I had just received my first work experience placement in a
publishing house, Walker Books, in the Marketing and Publicity department. I can only describe
myself as bouncing off the walls! Walker Books produced many of my own childhood reads; I was
extremely happy to be visiting their headquarters to see what goes on behind the scenes.

As a country girl, the prospect of travelling to London on my own was quite daunting, never mind
that I would be entering a new work place…shock horror! How was I going to cope with the tube?
Well, off I went and I am coping wonderfully.

After arriving an hour and a half early on my first day (nothing like being on time), I was given a tour
of the building, introduced to a number people and shown the ropes. As an intern, I was given jobs
such as mailing out post and fetching certain books from the stock rooms – which sounds thrilling
but it contributes to your basic understanding of what goes on. I was also allocated research tasks
such as looking at blogs from book reviews to beauty campaigns; this proved incredibly fascinating.
However, the highlight has to be writing press releases for J. Smith by Fougasse, the life-size version
of the one in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. It is an incredibly beautiful book and is due to be released
at the beginning of May.

I also spent an afternoon in Foreign Rights which was overwhelming when I saw the numbers that
they were dealing with! However, it was an extremely interesting experience. Those in Foreign
Rights are able to attend the international book fairs such as Frankfurt and Bologna. There is so
much still to learn about the UK market that getting my head around the foreign markets is quite a

Overall, it was a thoroughly good experience and I learnt a great deal. I owe a big thank you to
Walker Books!


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