Green goodness


I’m in the process of using up all the ingredients I have left over before my move on Saturday. Cravings for junk food are still strong and so I decided to make a smoothie to help with this. It’s basically desert in a glass; so, why not?

I used up the remaining bananas out of freezer with some fresh strawberries and water. I processed this up first for once – I usually blitz it all in one go and couldn’t help but notice how amazing the colour was. Usually, the spinach immediately turns it a horrible murky colour, which makes people look at me oddly when they see me drinking it. Regardless of strange looks I don’t see the sense in not including greens though, even if it does ruin the colour. You cannot taste it over the fruit so you may as well – and look how much you can get in! Major nutrition hit, right there. In fact, this was meant to be a snack and my dinner was already cooking when I was putting this together but I didn’t manage to eat it as this was just so filling.


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