The closest thing to flying: a new dream

Sky diving


As I hurtled, face-first, down to Earth I could not help but feel there was something dream-like about the whole situation. It was so out of this world and unlike anything that I’d ever done, or felt capable of doing, that I found myself disbelieving that it was real. But it was. With every passing second the ground got closer and closer. We were traveling at over 100mph through the sky. Is this not meant to be the one thing that everybody wants to do – fly?

Leaving the plane with Katie following

Leaving the plane with Katie following

I struggled to breathe. We were dropping at such speed that my face contorted and I couldn’t even hear myself screaming; I knew I was. But the sound disappeared as we continued to plummet.

Then an almighty jolt went through my body as the parachute unfurled and stopped our free-fall. The grin I’d had on my face from the moment we dropped out of the plane turned to laughter. Hysterical. I couldn’t stop. Adrenaline pumped through me and I felt on a complete high.
I had decided to do something that scared me and jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft certainly qualified for that but now I am left with a problem. It is an experience I want to repeat again. Never have I felt anything that makes you feel so in the moment as the point in time that we started free-falling.
Not only is it physically challenging – you have to be in pretty good shape to do it on a regular basis but you have to be mentally strong, too. Not one person I spoke to when back on the ground could say there was not a moment on the way up that they didn’t wonder what they were doing. Many had a fear of ‘the door’. Many promised themselves that this would be their last jump but once they got to the ground they’d have fallen in love with it all over again. Every jump is different so it’s not something you can get tired of very easily. Up there you can forget anything and everything. You will be blown away by how beautiful it is while concentrating on pure survival. It’s raw and unrestrained. It’s free. I need to do more.
Katie catching up

Katie catching up

Skydiving: this is what genuine freedom feels like.  Once you’ve tasted it, you’re unlikely to look back.
The before:

Excited but apprehensive

The after:

Completely high on life – was ready to go straight back up to do it all over again!


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