A journey of rediscovery

A journey of rediscovery

This year has been kind

The last one only seems like two seconds ago but it’s winter again. Only yesterday winds were howling a gale and I’m ashamed to say that I did not venture outside much. Currently, I am meant to be camping on top of a Welsh mountain with my sister but had to call it off for fear of getting blown away in the middle of the night. Instead, I’ve taken the opportunity to get some much needed rest and consequently have had time to reflect slightly on my year.

A lot has changed but the thing that stands out the most is that I have met an uncountable number of great people, which has been a big factor in having come to really love where I am now. Part of what has changed is how easy it is to now get out on my bike. In lieu of running and injury, I have rediscovered how much I really love cycling. It astounds me how quickly I forget how great it is. All that can be remembered is the pain and it’s this resounding memory of discomfort, I’m sure, that puts so many people off from pursuing sports.


Started to get a bit of a kit obsession…

Having people around me to encourage and motivate me makes all the difference. It has done wonders to keeping me happy and really improving my life up here so I hope I can be (and aspire to be) that same motivating presence back. I will be forever grateful for having met such people through university and on my move over here. If you guys happen to read this – then a big badass thank-you!




Rain or shine!

I’ve made sure that I have had a reason to get out through the long winter months though – to keep the dark and gloom at bay – I’ve decided to set myself a goal. Involving a 6 mile mountain run, 55 mile road bike ride and a 10 mile trail run, the Little Pig Duathlon is a pretty big challenge but not so big that it’s really terrifying. I want to do well and feel that I will be able to. There’s time to build my strength back up so fingers crossed and here’s to another awesome year next year!







Just here living life with an outdoor-loving-whiskey-flavoured twist.

Come along with me as I explore, learn, grow and see what life has to offer through my twenties. Includes mountain highs and rocky life lows. Just keeping it real – but if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout it all it’s “live life, don’t just exist”.

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