Head up and face the challenge.

Head up and face the challenge.

It’s a fairly scary thought that my duathlon is only 1 month away. Have I managed to do my training? No – of course not. As seems to be the way with me I managed to injure myself again. With only four weeks to go though (and after a mild panic and nearly pulling out all together) I decided to just get out there and do the best I can. So, today I attempted my first transition practice. A 13 mile spin on my bike was followed straight away by a two and a half mile run and you know what – my legs felt good. I was surprised: I haven’t eaten enough today and so for the legs to feel that comfortable was quite something. I know it’s such small milage but it’s given me hope that all is not lost on this front.


I also had the opportunity to test out the Plasma Tri shorts by SCOTT Sports. I’ve been struggling to find anything suitable for this race as the pads are all so light but first impressions of these are good. I would quite like them to be slightly higher around the waist and the leg grips to be slightly wider – more akin to the Castelli Rosso cycling shorts – but otherwise they were super comfy and even after the ride today I didn’t feel uncomfortable at one point. So, kudos to SCOTT. Lets see how they hold out!



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