One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

The MTB finally made an appearance this weekend – poor thing – it has been woefully forgotten in place of the roadie for the past year and a half. It was great fun to be on the trails again. A small downside is that it’s rather flat here so it’s more cross-country than downhill trails but it was wonderful to be on the bike and off the roads!


We headed out of Stamford on the main road, having said that, but soon found an alternative way home from the woods. This prompted the thought that it creates a nice little loop for practicing transitions. I drove the 9 miles out to Wakerly before setting out on foot – 12 miles of trails home to Stamford to hop on the bike back to the car.


As I am currently doing a trail shoe test for Trail Running Mag it has been great to get outside and explore the local trails – something that has been pushed to the side for so long. So many of the paths here are connected by a fair amount of road and it takes a long time looking at a map to get around much of it. Having an account on OS helps – their online service is great and I am a big fan of it. I find myself on there an awful lot plotting out new routes and scouting areas.


Running up to Easton on the Hill




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