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I’m really not sure why it has taken me so long to do this. I’ve been ranting about how much I want to encourage others outside since I started at Bauer Media in January 2015. It’s been a great medium for doing this and making me feel like I’ve played a good part but I when I stop and think about it I know how much online social media influences me personally. Once I realised that I set up a new account straight away: @women.outdoors.

I have seen first hand how much others love sharing what they’ve been up to as I’ve built the Trail and Trail Running magazine pages. So, why not do it to encourage other women specifically. My main motivation, I admit, comes from a personal level. In a way it makes me sad thinking about why I want to do this because it just shows how times have changed to the stories our parents tell. Instead of being outside young people are glued to their phone, TV and Playstation. Growing up I was in the fortunate and slightly unusual position of being raised on a farm. My parents did not give us the choice of going and sitting in front of the TV. We were encouraged outside even on the coldest of days, wrapped up warm against the cold. We were the only ones though. As the years passed and my love for being active and outside grew I noticed my friends enthusiasm for it all dwindle into non-existance – if it had even been there at all. My sister was the only like minded person around me and too soon we had grown up and moved away. She now lives several hundred miles away. We’ve both been fortunate that our passion for the outdoors has led us into fun and fulfilling work in the outdoor industries. Yes, we’ve been fortunate but we have our parents to thank for that as they were the ones who showed us that there was a whole world out there and there is much more to life than living for a TV program or finishing a video game. I realise that this is something that many others lack. If you’re not shown what is out there and how to go about doing it, it’s unlikely you’ll find it or begin to comprehend how exciting and fulfilling being outdoors is.

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That is what I want to change. Help me do this and wake people up to what is out there. Tag your female outdoor hero and inspiration on instagram #womenoutdoors or @women.outdoors to help get more women outside and making the most of life!


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