Make the effort

Make the effort

Making the effort to cook a good solid meal every night is tough. After having been in the office all day you just want time to chill out, relax and not have to worry about any other kind of life admin. But no, you’re faced with having to cook up a meal and maybe prepare your breakfast and lunch for the next day, too.


Too often recently we’ve just been so tired that it’s been very easy to excuse ordering in a pizza or snacking on bad foods. Every single time we regret it and wish we’d made the effort to actually make a good wholefood meal. We both love our food and due to our general active lifestyle we are very hungry people! We eat a lot, which equals making lots of meals with foods that keep us going.


When we manage to get on top of the day and cook properly it’s amazing how good it makes us feel. Taking it in turns to cook and clean does help, too. One day I will cook and another Tom will. This works out with us eating well and then neither of us feels like this task is taking over our evening.


I grabbed a picture of our meal from the other night, as it was so delicious and so easy to do. Spinach leaves, mangetout, avocado and tomato make up the salad with asparagus on top. New potatoes roasted in the oven for 50 minutes in some oil, pepper and mixed herbs gave us our carbs and salmon with smoked paprika was a great source of protein and fats. To dress salads I usually use simple lemon juice but this time I used a kalamata oil and balsamic. This was such a tasty combination – I thoroughly recommend it.


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