Northwave Torpedo SRS/ Fi’zi:k R5B Roadies

Northwave Torpedo SRS/ Fi’zi:k R5B Roadies

This past week has not been good on the old bank balance. It’s seen some splurging on new cycling gear – some of which was most definitely not necessary (but I just love cycling kit). The necessary part though would be the new shoes. My shoes, I’ve come to realise, are very tight and are the reason my feet go rather numb five miles into a ride. There is just no room in the toe box and they’re tight all through my mid-foot, too. I’ve been cycling in my old ones for nearly four years and it’s only since doing my trail shoe tests for Trail Running and seeing what a variation there is on fit that I’ve realised why my cycling ones are causing these problems. So I’m on the mission for some new shoes and this is my first look at the first two pairs I decided on.


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