Prawn, Pea and Pearl Barley Stew

Prawn, Pea and Pearl Barley Stew

Instead of my usual go to easy prawn cocktail I fancied doing something a little different this evening. It’s been a while since I tried something different so as I was wandering around Morrison’s wondering what to do for dinner (lethal, I know not having a proper list) I came across Pearl Barley.

Wow- it’s been such a long time since I did something with that so I decided to make a prawn risotto with the barley instead of rice. It’s a much more fibrous chewy grain than rice and so thinking about it, it’s probably more of a stew type meal. Hearty and healthy food!


Pearl Barley Stew


It’s a simple but hearty meal. All you need to do is fry up some onion and garlic, mix in the pearl barley (50-75g pp), squeeze lemon juice over, fry it letting the pearl barley soak up the flavours before adding some veg stock. Let it simmer away, allowing the pearl barley to cook before adding prawns and peas.


I threw in some soy saucepepperfresh coriander and spinach leaves to flavour it up. And done. That is it.


Delicious and hearty food to end the day!



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