Beans for breakfast

Beans for breakfast


Every single day we have the same breakfast: granola, fruit and yoghurt. That means we don’t even have to think about it. We just make it and we’ve always got the right ingredients for it. Plus, it’s portable for taking into the office – I’ll do another post on it another day though.

This weekend is slightly out of the ordinary in that we don’t have some big activity on to rush out to, which meant I had time to make a slightly more luxurious breakfast. Now, I imagine you’ve read the title of this post and are now thinking, ‘Beans – luxurious?! Yea, right!’. This is where you would be wrong. You can pimp beans up to be a truly delicious meal. I kept it simple this morning (mainly because I didn’t have whole lot in the fridge) but it was a beautiful concoction none-the-less.


This morning’s breakfast included mushroomsspinachbaked beans (you can do your own beans with haricot and butter beans and a tin of tomatoes/tomato puree),   a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a spoon of Seggiano basil pesto (possibly the best pesto you will ever taste – at least out of a jar – worth every single penny) and some black pepper cracked over the top of it all. Et viola! Breakfast is served.


I’m trying to avoid coffee a little so going back to an old favourite herbal tea.


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  1. September 10, 2016 / 11:16 am

    Breakfast can be the most predictable meal of the day, especially week days. A weekend change sounds a great idea 🙂