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Having spent the whole of Saturday indoors waiting for the postman to deliver my replacement gimbal and then sorting out the house, it was such a pleasure to get outside and have some fresh air – especially as it was such a beautiful day. It’s our last chance to get a long ride in before the 24th and it was a bit of a shock to the system. 100 miles is going to take its toll on my body, I fear.

Castelli Duello Jersey

The trouble is real when it comes to finding nice women’s cycling gear in the UK – that’s affordable anyway. So here are my thoughts on the jersey itself.

Only one day after saying I may have to wait for next summer to test out my new Catelli Duello jersey I had the chance to wear it. The weather was so warm – the perfect chance to test it out. The pockets were nice and spacious – a flaw I’ve found in a different Castelli jersey I have – it is a climbing jersey though so I guess that can be excused. I could cram loads in, which was just as well because I needed as much food as I could carry. I also got the GoPro in, phone in a bulky Lifeproof case*, tissues and gilet. It’s slightly see through but that doesn’t overly bother me as most sports bras now give really great coverage, especially when coupled with bibs. It was just as well that it was thinner material because it was really quite hot.

It was a lovely fit and wasn’t baggy anywhere. It’s bright beautiful colours made me feel happy wearing it – I felt good! It had shorter sleeves than I’m used to but – you know – reduces the cyclist tan lines. The collar was low and didn’t chaff at all. Overall it was a thoroughly delightful jersey to wear – it didn’t even smell after a long hot 64 mile ride. I am 100% looking forward to wearing it again.

*as far as Lifeproof cases are concerned this is a really slimline case compared to most other rugged waterproof cases.


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