My favourite breakfast ||simple and easy to make

My favourite breakfast ||simple and easy to make

Who dismisses breakfast because, in our day-to-day lives, we’re too busy to worry about such a menial thing? I’ve even caught myself, as much as I love food, getting caught out for not eating because I am just so busy. I’ve got into the habit of eating my breakfast in work because I often used to run and now cycle in and doing that on a full stomach is no fun. Now I have a car, even when I drive I still bring my breakfast with me to eat a bit later in the morning.

My favourite go-to was porridge with berries and this could very easily be whipped up in work and it was wonderful to have a hot breakfast. However, after a few months, stomach complaints started occurring and as soon as porridge was cut from my diet I improved a lot. Therefore, so began the challenge of finding a new breakfast that would be equally as satisfying.

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Oat free muesli was my next go-to and this worked really well apart from the fact that it was really dry. Now, milk is another no-go for me but yoghurt is okay. To add flavour, I kept the berries in the mix – using defrosted berries so there’s a lot of juice.

My number one tip would be to get it all dished up the night before. Not only does this give time for the yoghurt and berries to blend and soak into the muesli but it allows you to just grab it and go in the morning. I’ve been having this for breakfast for the past six months of so every single day. Having the same thing each morning makes preparing it super easy – no extra thought and effort goes into deciding what to have. It’s delicious and – depending on how careful you are when you choose ingredients – really healthy. It will set you up for the day.


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