Feiyu Tech G4S || New GoPro gimbal || unboxing

Feiyu Tech G4S || New GoPro gimbal || unboxing

Watch the video if you don’t want to read this whole paragraph – ideal!

Here’s the low-down though for those who’d rather read all about it. At the start of August invested in a gimbal for my GoPro and that gimbal was the Feiyu Tech G4. You can see my post here on it. Either way, it broke not long after – joy! Not only did it break so quickly but it did so at the worst possible time. Covering a feature for Trail Running magazine which compromised all of my footage for it. Needless to say I was very upset.

I ordered a new one even before I’d applied for a refund for the faulty one. Gimbals for the everyday consumer are not hugely advanced now and there’s not a huge range on the market. I’m a sucker for reading other users reviews before I buy something, too, and concluded the Feiyu Tech was the best brand to stick with. Therefore I decided to go a spec up and see what that was like and whether it would resolve a few issues with the G4. I’m yet to test it out but you can see the difference between the two in the above video.

There are certainly features that I can already see will be really useful to me – such as having the on/off button in an easy-to-access place rather than on the bottom of the handle. Having the on/off button here caused some frustration as I like to use extension poles on the handle but when screwed on they completely obstruct access to the button.

I’m excited by having the panning option, too, as this will be great for using with running and cycling. The joy stick will also (hopefully) put pay to the seemingly random action of the motor. On the G4 you needed to learn how many times you needed to press the button on the handle to get it to flip and turn. This didn’t always work and often did mean the gimbal compromised the footage. Just when I thought I had it down it would do the complete opposite to what I thought I had asked it to do.

Either way, I’m excited to test out the G4S and will give you some more feedback when I’ve had the chance to use it some more (and it hopefully hasn’t broken!).




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