First run in FOREVER || Disaster!

First run in FOREVER || Disaster!

Okay, so as far as disasters go this is not the most catastrophic.

However, frustration is setting in. I’ve been out of action on the trails for a couple of months now and I’m getting seriously itchy feet. The shins felt slightly sore when I headed out to the fields yesterday evening and when the end seems to be so close I’m not going to jeopardize that. Going slow is better than not at all.

The lesson has been learned the hard way that chopping and changing trainers all the time does the body no good. So, going forward only one pair will be used – what those ones will be I’m not wholly sure.

The second reason I found this run to be a disaster is that my new gimbal – the Feiyu Tech G4s – is faulty. Have I just had rotten luck or are today’s gimbals just not up to the job? Within five minutes of filming the GoPro started to tilt where the gimbal obviously couldn’t counter balance its weight. Running with the thing is awkward enough – I like to run with my hands free – and so having to carry it when it was obviously not working was down right annoying.

It will set you back give or take £200 and so for it to be faulty on its first go out of the box is not cool. It’s going to be returned and quite honestly, for all the faff, it has caused I’m not sold on buying another one. I guess the search for a new one will continue – it is certainly an essential piece of equipment when getting good film shots. Maybe the next thing I should invest in is a drone… Just saying…

I can’t complain too much though. I still have my bike and it’s easy enough to return the gimbal. It was a really beautiful evening and I got home to an awesome dinner. Silver linings and all.



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