Aldi cycling gear | Is it all that?

Aldi cycling gear | Is it all that?

I’ve never been all that into Aldi cycling gear, to be honest. I totally believe that you get what you pay for and so I wasn’t really sold that it was worth buying. Be that what it may, the boyfriend is a huge fan of it and was extremely excited when it was announced.

As you may expect this warranted a trip to Aldi as soon as possible. There were a few items there that didn’t really cut it for me – such as the jerseys. It takes a fair bit to impress me with a jersey and these didn’t. Moving on to the jackets though I was much more impressed. The jacket you’re seeing in the video above is the women’s winter jacket. It’s quite thick and so I think it’s going to be for days that are really very cold. There’s no waterproofing properties either, nor windproof. But it’s cosy so hopefully it will stand up to the wind and light rain anyway. We’ll have to see. At only £17 it’s crazily cheap. When I think that the other winter jackets that I’ve purchased have been £100+ then you can’t argue hugely – apart from those days when it’s windy and wet. Which, actually, is most days here in the UK over winter…and autumn… and spring. Hmm. Here comes the part where I wrestle with myself about the whole ‘you get what you pay for’ thing. I have no idea on how breathable it is either. I’m painting a bleak picture here, I know, but it is actually a really nice looking jacket. It’s got a lot of stretch and is practically glowing it’s so bright. There is ample room in the back pockets for storage too so if you have an extra rain jacket you can simply stuff it in there. The only thing that remains is to test it out over the winter period and I’ll let you know at a later date on how well it did in use. Then when the next Aldi cycling sale comes round you’ll be there and ready to grab a bargain.

I also picked up a few extra things such as socks and arm warmers. All a bright luminous yellow, of course. I was really happy with these. I don’t wear arm warmers all that often but they’re an invaluable piece of kit. And at only £7-8 these were a bargain! And socks are, well, socks. Bright, padded and only £3 a pair these will see me through another few months.

There you go, lovely readers. That’s the sum of my Aldi haul. You can also see the men’s jacket in the video so check that out but I will do an update in Spring when I’ve had a chance to use it.



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