First Look: Sportful Allure Soft-shell | Women’s winter cycling jacket | What would I choose?

First Look: Sportful Allure Soft-shell | Women’s winter cycling jacket | What would I choose?

This is a beautiful jacket.

From the moment I slid it out of its wrapping I knew this was going to be a goodie. It’s a lovely thick, solid but supple, material that feels like it would be a good choice for winter. If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know how much a fan of bright colours I am, and this jacket is a beautiful berry pink. With beautiful detailing my first impression – even before I put it on – was that this was going to be a comfortable and cosy jacket.

It’s fleece lined and scores a 4/5 rating online for wind-proofing. So you’ll be very toasty. It also scores 4/5 for water – repellence, scores nearly on a par with the Castelli Perfetto. It falls down on breathability (and because this is first look I can’t actually comment on how I found it) but it scores 2/5. I think this is to do with the fleece lining coupled with the fabric treatments for making it wind-proof and water repellent. However, I feel that these treatments should stop you getting too much of a chill if you sweat a lot and then rapidly cool down.

There’s not much stretch in the jacket but this doesn’t matter because it fits so well. The jacket I’m wearing in the video is a Medium and I usually wear a size 10/12. The only downfall is that this means you can’t squeeze and awful lot in the pockets. That’s certainly not the end of the world though. It weighs 377g, so it’s not super lightweight but it’s not heavy either (and only ~50g heavier than the Perfetto).

Which jacket was my favourite?

Now, it turns out these jackets are all VERY different. If I had to pick one jacket it would be the Castelli Perfetto because it’s a much more versatile jacket. I wore my Gabba (the jacket the Perfetto is based on) all of last winter and loved it. When it got really chilly I would wear it with a base layer or gilet but otherwise I wore it on its own. This also means you can wear it in autumn and spring, too. It is expensive though. At £175 (or £154 on Wiggle) you want to know you’re getting your monies worth. If you ride a lot and want a single (lightweight) layer that will see you through all weathers then this is it.

But I thought you loved the Sportful..?

The Sportful jacket certainly has its place, too, although it is much more of a dedicated winter jacket. It would be to hot for me to wear in autumn and spring. When it gets really chilly it would be perfect though. At £120 it’s a bit too expensive a jacket (for me) to justify keeping for only one specific time of year. Having said that, if I had the funds I certainly would keep it at the drop of a hat.

And what about the Aldi jacket..?

For £17 you can’t really argue. If you only ride your bike occasionally, in fair weather or don’t go far then this jacket is ideal. However, in comparison to the others it’s not got the wind-proofing or water-repellent qualities. You’d need to make the effort to carry an extra layer to compensate and nobody likes riding with their back pockets full to bursting. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this jacket but I appreciated the fit, tech specs and quality of the other jackets more.

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  1. July 27, 2017 / 12:19 pm

    This jacket looks great, This is the type of fitness jacket I Would love to see myself wearing on daily workout in winter.