Women’s Adventure Expo 2016 | What an awesome event!

Women’s Adventure Expo 2016 | What an awesome event!

“Adventure. I like the sound of that.”

Women who adventure; I like the sound of that even more.

These were the thoughts running through my head when I discovered the Women’s Adventure Expo. Despite 2016 being only it’s second year it looked pretty damn good – the line up was nothing less than brilliant. Watch my video of it below!

Hosted by the amazing and lovely Anna McNuff there were a whole host of inspirational women, including Elise Downing, Mollie Hughes, Becky Coles and many more. I would have sat down and listened to each and every talk if I could have but there simply wasn’t enough time in the day.

Speaking about their own challenges, the topics ranged from running the UK coast (over 5,000 miles), or the length of New Zealand to climbing Everest. You get the idea… these ladies are pretty tough. I loved the fact that that they were 100% relatable and very down-to-earth – just like you and me.

Each woman spoke about how they got out there to achieve their dream goal. The most common thing to crop up was actually starting. Starting is the hardest part. There’s so much to let go but to succeed in your adventure you need to just do it. Just do it. I know, that sounds too simple doesn’t it? So simple, but so scary.

Believe in yourself. Value yourself. Have confidence in yourself. The more that you go out to adventure, and the more you put yourself in the way of challenges, the more you will grow as a person and feel capable of taking on bigger things. Remember adventure is relative to each woman. What I find challenging may not be to somebody else. Don’t compare yourself to somebody else. Take inspiration if you must but definitely no comparing, please!

Attending the Expo was incredibly inspirational and I 100% recommend going if you’re vaguely UK based. It certainly encouraged me to take action, as I’ve recently fallen into a bit of a rut that I’m struggling to get out of. Miles and hours away from any kind of mountain, I’ve sunk into an unmotivated mess and this needs to change. For a start, I’ve signed up for a 24 hour sportive. On the 29th April 2017 I will be cycling from London to Paris in less than 24 hours. Hopefully…

I’m excited.


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