“Ride Everything” | Time to confront the storm | Morvélo Stormshield first look

“Ride Everything” | Time to confront the storm | Morvélo Stormshield first look


‘A jersey that is more useable than you’ll ever imagine.’ 

– Morvelo.com

I needed this in my life from the moment that Morvélo uploaded it to their site. Unfortunately, it then didn’t appear for sale until the middle of October by which point the winter weather had arrived in force – man, it’s cold out there! But it’s here now, so read on  for a closer look into Morvélo’s new jersey.

Throughout AW15 I rode in my Castelli Gabba because it had awesome things like wind-proofing and DWR (Durable Water Resistant) properties. It seemed like a stupid idea to wear anything else when our British weather may suddenly change from being lovely and sunny to pouring rain in 0 seconds. I didn’t have to carry an extra waterproof and the freedom was amazing!

Here’s where Morvélo step in and say ‘hey, go lighter than a jacket – we’ve got a jersey here that does all this, too…’. Yes, I know there are other jackets that do this too but Morvélo’s Dasch Stormshield rain jersey really caught my eye.

Morvelo stormshield.jpg

The women’s comes in a lovely duck-egg colour. This wasn’t what originally caught me though – it was the men’s jersey. The men’s comes in a brilliant yellow and my immediate thought was ‘pwarrr, you wouldn’t be missed in that!’. The sight of it sent me scurrying to Wiggle to find the women’s version. I’m not going to lie – I was slightly disappointed not to find the women’s in yellow, too, but don’t let that belittle how beautiful the blue is.

Morvélo have a knack for really nailing their graphics, too. They’re really bold and pleasing to the eye and I don’t know about you but I love looking good on the bike so this jersey has gone down a treat.

So – long story short – in my basket it went and I waited rather impatiently for it to arrive.

First impressions

Pulling it out of the wrapper I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It felt very different to the material used in my Gabba and Perfetto jackets. The material feels quite papery and it does rustle rather loudly. Made of 100% (Italian Windtex) polyester, it’s super light, making me feel dubious about how well it’s going to perform. It’s marketed as a year-round weather-proof jersey and great wet weather racing top. I can certainly get on board with the wet weather racing usage but for a year-round top it does seem pretty thin. But, using materials that are crazily light isn’t always a negative when it comes to performance. I have a top-notch Arc’teryx waterproof for walking, which I’ve tested for Trail Magazine that is unbelievably light and performs like a dream. So, I’m not writing the Morvélo Stormshield off at all until I’ve properly tried it.

Next, to try it on.

I ordered this jersey in an M – like just about every jersey I own. It’s rather tight across my shoulders and chest but spacious around my middle so I think there would just (only just) be room for a base layer. It’s pretty aero and so if in any doubt on sizing, go up! The sleeves are long for a short sleeve jersey – down to the elbow – European style. There are three good sized pockets on the back with an extra small zipped pocket on the right hand side, too. A lighter mesh fabric makes up the under arm, which will be wonderful for venting but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got that base layer on for the colder months. It’s also quite short in the body so you’ll definitely be needing to crack out the bibs.

morvelo storm 1.jpg

The Morvélo Stormshield uses a DWR treatment to keep water at bay. This normally isn’t foolproof and you will still get wet in torrential downpours but materials that have this treatment tend to be able to breath much better than a garment with GoreTex (like Castelli’s Gabba and Perfetto jackets). GoreTex wasn’t designed with cyclists in mind but for walkers and climbers, who don’t need the heat to move away from the body as quickly as us cyclists do. This does mean that as soon as the water starts to soak in (rather than bead) you’ll need to re-proof it with something like Nikwax or Grangers.

For a jersey it’s certainly on the pricy side. It retails at £100 on the Morvélo site.

Not going to lie, after trying it on, I’m a little bit in love. Although, lets see how it performs first.

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