Make mornings easy! 5 tips!

Make mornings easy! 5 tips!

Less than FIVE people – I can counter the number of people who describe themselves as morning people on one hand. So, it’s pretty obvious that mornings aren’t for everybody.

In fact, research has been undertaken by studying nearly 90,000 people and proved that our genes could be held responsible for this. So don’t feel too bad if mornings are a daily struggle for you. Being more of a morning person myself I thought I’d share five tips that I use myself to make my mornings really easy.

Tip #1:

Buy yourself a Lumie light*. I genuinely think this is a worthwhile investment. As testament to how well it works I have to look no further than the reaction of the boyfriend. He’s not one to believe in ‘fads’ and so to say I had a disgruntled sniff when I said I’d ordered one was an understatement but now, he’s told countless people what an absolute game changer it is.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 13.58.46.png

Amusing as this is, I wholeheartedly agree. Yes, it’s expensive with the most basic one coming in at £60 but it really has changed our mornings for the better. The basic one has no alarm but it will gradually get brighter and brighter, which wakes you up naturally. I’ve always struggled with the dark but no more! It’s such a great feeling to have a relaxing wake up. When you do come to, you’re more instantly alert because your body is tricked into believing it’s daytime.

*Before you even think it – no, there’s no sponsoring going on here. I LOVE this light!

Tip #2:

Get yourself a radio alarm. Sure, a phone alarm is fine but it’s one of the most hateful things I can think of. By setting your radio to your favourite channel you can at least be woken up in a way you actually enjoy and won’t be tempted to throw your phone at the wall.

Tip #3:

Set everything ready the night before. Whether it’s just deciding what you’re going to wear the next day or actually laying the clothes out it saves precious minutes.


This is especially useful if you’re training before work. Set out your sport kit, set your bike ready on the turbo and have water bottles ready to fill. This means no faffing and lots of precious time saved.

Similarly, if I’m going to cycle commute into work, I’m always successful if I have my bag ready. I will pack my work clothes (don’t forget underwear) and have my food ready in the fridge. Cycling kit will be ready, including shoes, helmet and lights so it’s just a case of get up and go. If I don’t have this all ready, the chances are I won’t actually do it as it feels like a lot to sort early in the morning. For the sake of five minutes in the evening, it means I can have an hours cycle into work – a good start to my day.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.18.59.png

Tip #4:

Prepping the night before includes meals. Prep breakfast. Prep lunch.

You sometimes see articles from CEOs talking about their routines. For example, here Business Insider follow Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.

“I look to build a lot of consistent routine,” he said. “Same thing every day.”

Jack Dorsey talking to Business Insider UK

One thing that is frequently mentioned is how they keep their food the same. This keeps it simple and you don’t need to spend time and energy deciding what to have.

You can see what I eat for breakfast everyday here. It’s super easy and quick to make and requires only three things. Granola, yoghurt and frozen fruit. Four, if you want to add in a banana. It takes two minutes to make and by the morning after, the fruit has defrosted, blending in with the yoghurt and granola, which is so tasty.

When it comes to lunches, we tend to pick one main piece of meat that will accompany most meals throughout the week. For example, a 1kg ham from Lidl costs somewhere in the region of £3.30 so we will cook this up in the slow cooker over night (so it doesn’t need attending to) and this will serve both Tom and I up 4-5 meals over the week. Add veg here for this meal and pasta for that meal and you’re just about there. All you need to do is add in the meat to create an easy and substantial meal in minutes.

Tip #5

Make sure your room is warm for when you wake up. There’s nothing worse than pulling back the covers to be hit by a wall of cold air. Set your heating to come on (or even just make sure your window is shut before you go to sleep) to make throwing back the covers that little bit easier.


Start your day well. You’ll be so productive for it!

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  1. February 10, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    Thanks for this Hannah, I’ve been looking at the lights for a while if it would be worth it. I might just have to give it a try!

    Morning really aren’t my thing, but with a half marathon planned for later in the year, it may be the only way to fit in my training. I’ll give your tips a shot!

    • hannahoutside
      February 12, 2017 / 3:49 pm

      I am wholeheartedly sold on them. They have made such a huge difference to my mornings. I was so skeptical of them but struggled with dark mornings so decided to give it a go – made everything so much easier. Hope it works for you and your training goes well!