Women’s dhb Blok Thermal Jersey and Classic Thermal Tights Review | Includes Video!

dhb BLOK thermal jersey



As the years have progressed dhb have upped their game. When I say upped their game, I mean upped their game A LOT. Their kit has become the ‘swish’ kit. They’ve brought out some brilliant patterns, bold and often bright, and it has been reviewed really well online. So this was a good start.

I’m not going to lie to you – from the moment the jersey came out of the packet I could feel myself falling a little bit in love with it. What a sucker I am for a nice looking jersey! It’s a beautiful blue/purple hue with small angular patterns over it. It looked pretty damn good but I forced myself to reserve judgement until I had actually properly tested it. The same went for the tights…


My first chance came when we went to Snowdonia and rode 30 miles with about 3,300ft of climbing – so, a perfect ride for my first test of the dhb jersey and tights – short enough that if the bibs hurt I could cope and I’d sweat enough with all the hills to test just how breathable the kit really was.

Here’s my video review or scroll down to read it…

But on to the nitty gritty…

The dhb Blok Mosaic Thermal jersey review


The dhb Blok Mosaic Jersey

Firstly, the Blok Mosaic Thermal Jersey is beautiful. Tiny pink squares crisscross over a background that fades from blue to purple – my kind of colours! The jersey itself has three back pockets, which are a good size for squeezing the essentials in. An extra zip pocket on the central pocket provides a safe place for keeping your card or keys. A high collar helps protect you against the cold. There’s a storm flap underneath the zip, too, to prevent wind going through.


Silicone grippers run around the bottom of the jersey to keep it stuck down against your tights. The material is soft and fleecy. I found it to be really breathable, preventing me from getting chilled after sweating my way up steep hills – perfect in a winter jersey. It’s 100% polyester so it does sometimes wiff a bit if the ride is long and really hot but this certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

dhb fit

In the photos here I am wearing a size 12 – my normal size – but I think I’d probably downsize to a size 10. I found that the size ran a bit large with my summer jersey I ordered a couple of months ago, too. There’s a lot of loose material over the shoulders, arms and my middle (larger bust causing the sizing issues here, evidently) but this is what I’ve marked the fit down on. There was more than enough room under there for a base-layer and bib-tights though, which is no bad thing for winter.


dhb details

One of the little details on this jersey that I love is the reflective detailing on the bottom of the central back pocket. To accommodate for space in this pocket, rather than adding an extra length of the same jersey material like on the two side pockets, dhb have sewn in a reflective strip. This means that when your pocket is full, this detailing will be stretched out and show at the base of the pocket. A few more reflective features wouldn’t hurt though, which is what I’ve marked them down on as it’s not hugely visible when you’re on the road.



dhb value for money

This, at the time of writing, is on Wiggle for £37.50 but listed at £50. Considering my experience riding in it (bar it being slightly large) I’ve found it to be top-notch, especially as it’s marketed as one of their performance jerseys. With a penchant for the pricier brands usually, I can honestly say I didn’t notice anything different.


The dhb Classic Thermal bib tights


The full outfit

Also in dhb’s performance range, these are designed for autumn and winter riding. They’re lined with fleece and made of a mixture of Polyamide and Elastane. The straps, unlike summer bibs, cover the whole of your chest – providing another layer against the cold. Compared to my Castelli tights they feel quite thin but they’ve provided no less protection. Time will tell to see how durable they are but to this date, I’ve not had a problem.

Gingerly sitting on my saddle I expected to feel some kind of discomfort, not sure how well they’d perform as a cheap bib-tights option, but felt nothing. Pedalling on I soon forgot about my worries and started to enjoy the ride. It only occurred to me as I panted my way up the last climb (but one) that I had been ridiculously comfortable the whole way….

…I’m just going to re-iterate how extra-ordinary I found it that I completely forgot that I was sat on a hard pointy bike saddle. That’s certainly testament in itself. After all, I want to enjoy my ride without any other worries and the Classic Thermal tights certainly let me do that.

dhb fit

Usually a size 12, I wear a large in shorts and tights and these did fit me well – like a second skin, really. I could not feel the pad – it was unobtrusive and discrete but performed really well. I found the ankle zips slightly irritating when my overshoes provided pressure, pushing them into my ankle. You just need to make sure that you get it all placed well before you start cycling.


dhb details

The top half of the bibs were great as they really held everything in place and provided that extra layer against the cold. There was also a nice little zip guard to stop the zip digging into your chest. There were some reflective details but they were quite minimal and I would have liked a few more. I loved the discrete pad the most. Discrete it may be but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.



dhb value for money

Go. Go to Wiggle now. These tights shocked me with just how comfy they were. I specifically chose to wear the first on a short ride, in case it didn’t all work out but there was no need to worry as they were certainly on a par, if not exceeding, the performance with my most favourite Castelli Rosso shorts – and all for £55. If that’s not value for money, I don’t know what is.



There’s also a fab matching neck scarf. Use as a headband or scarf for colder days.


The jersey is beautiful but as I tested a 12 (which was a bit large) there was a lot of loose material. A size 10 could have solved these issues. I found the pockets to be a good size and secure. Like I mentioned before, it does get a bit smelly when the weather turns hot and you’re sweating a lot. Winter rides tend to mean you get covered in spray and mud anyway so it’ll 100% need washing after every ride anyway. I would’ve liked a few more specs such as wind proofing BUT it was never marketed as being such a jersey and you’re certainly not paying for that technology so as an all-round, general, fair-weather winter jersey it’s good.

Over all: 4/5

The bibs fit like a second skin but I did find the ankle zips rather irritating but all I needed to do was make sure they were positioned well before I set out. I really liked the corset style top half as it felt secure and kept everything in place while providing a valued extra bit of warmth. I’m yet to see how durable they are over a prolonged period of time.

Over all: 5/5

These have only been tested on a few 30 mile rides so I’ve not had a long day in the saddle. These ratings are based on my first impressions.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 14.28.12.png


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