What will 2017 bring?

What will 2017 bring?

This year has been a year of ups and downs. There have been many fantastic times and many low times but I am now looking forward to 2017. There’s huge potential in 2017 and I am really very excited to see it come in.

Everybody knows the importance of goal setting for keeping motivated so I’ve set about laying out 10 goals that I want to work towards in the next year.

Run 1000 miles

This is a challenge that Trail Running Magazine are putting together. The challenge is to run as little as 2.7 miles a day and over the year you’ll reach 1000 miles. It’s not the distance but getting into the habit of that distance everyday.


Complete the Little Pig Duathlon and cycle London to Paris

This was a challenge that my friends and me were meant to do in 2016 but in the end only one of us managed to make it (kudos Rob!). I deferred my place to 2017 as a back injury put me out of action. Now I have this challenge to face up to a mere month after completing London to Paris is 24 hours. Hopefully, this means I will be fighting fit for 2017!

Lands End to John O’Groats (on a tandem)

Because I didn’t think there were enough physical challenges coming up the boyfriend and me are thinking of cycling from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland. It’s a well-known challenge but we’re hoping to be able to complete it without having to stick to huge stretches of main road, like is the norm.


I feel completely daunted by the idea of only having two weeks to do this challenge, though. It’s a long way and many 100+ mile days. I think we’ll have the daylight to do it so, within reason, we can take our time… However, two weeks is a long time – with no rest days – to be cycling that kind of milage.


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Learn to shoot and edit film

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time. I love the thought of being creative and making my own short films, to bring others into my world. I love the outdoors (obviously) and I want others to see why and video is a fantastic way to do that.

Climb Ben Nevis with Tom.

Well, not just Ben Nevis but lots of mountains! This year we’ve been heading over to Snowdonia all the time to do routes for Trail magazine. This has meant we’ve been going to some wonderfully obscure mountains – ones that we probably wouldn’t have ventured to otherwise. It does mean, however, that we haven’t been able to go up the ones we really want to. This will be the year.

Find our own house

Since I moved over to the Peterborough area two years ago I have moved house 4 times (excluding the actual move over here). Through three of those moves I have been with Tom (the boyfriend, if that wasn’t clear) and although we’ve lived together for nearly a whole year it has never been our own place. We’ve been crammed into this tiny room or that teeny space and it’s tiring. Neither of us are particularly tidy and so we end up living in what looks like a bomb site because nothing has a place. I’m looking forward to the day we live in an area we both love (which includes mountains nearby and fantastic places to go cycling) and in a house that we can call our own. To be able to have my own kitchen, and decide where everything goes will be bliss. Not to mention setting up a bike room…



Cook more

Not so much cook more… between the two of us we actually cook most days o
f the week. What we need to focus on is cooking well, focusing on healthy hearty meals. There are times when we give in and have a take-away because it’s easier. Or we don’t make lunch for the next day. The cost is huge over a week if we don’t make the effort to make our own lunches – especially with the amount of food that we eat. It often doesn’t take any longer to do as we will just cook double of dinner the night before. The other option is do to a huge batch cook, such as a lasagne, chicken or ham to tide many of our meals over.



I miss reading. I’ve not spent proper time reading since before my university days. The escape that reading gives is something else. It can take you to a different world and you can become someone else. There’s also the fact that reading opens your mind, teaches you to think in different ways and to speak properly. Tom and I have each bought ourselves a Kindle now and so we can carry it with us wherever we go, in case we have a spare moment. We’re also planning to set aside time in the evening to read a chapter or two.



Be organised and tidy

… No, this is not a joke. Yes, I am the worst person at being tidy but it is possible to change, right? Having spent several days sorting things out after our most recent move, having things tidy does make such a huge difference to feeling mentally prepared and ready. So, yes… this needs to happen.

Be fearless

I’m slowly learning that you’ve got to go after the things you want. Chase them down and work towards them tirelessly and forget about being shy. I need to do this for everything. All the time.



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