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Hey, I’m Hannah. Welcome to my blog.

I’m 20-something years young, love wine and books and pretty things – just like pretty much every other woman, but most of all I love getting outside. This blog started out as simply a space to write about my outdoor adventures but as 2018 has swung round and unveiled its challenges I’ve found myself appreciating other aspects of life, too. So this is my space to document my life as a confused but generally pretty happy twenty something.

Where I’ve come from

Growing up on a farm in mid-Wales and mucking in with everything that goes along with farm life I’ve grown up feeling like the outdoors is a huge part of me. I’m so keen to never lose that connection and I want to encourage others to get out and see how wonderful the outdoors is, too – it’s only a little rain and mud girls and guys…

Fast forwards to now and I’m attempting to juggle a full time career with everything else I want to do…


Within these pages you’ll find posts on my outdoor adventures, kit reviews, life challenges and the more ‘this is how I’m scraping by and keeping sane’ kind of posts – you know the sort of stuff that makes you wonder whether you’re having a quarter life crisis or something. Some are a little deep and if they don’t scare you off, I hope they help you.

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Life crisis posts (that you can’t help but wonder whether it’s happening to you, too) here.

Is it stress?

Mission declutter – time to sort shit out

Finding your why – it’s scary voicing your dreams

Ditch the plastic

We’ve also started a plastic free challenge. Click on the picture below and you can read all about where it started (admittedly, probably not how you’d expected but it’s true). Otherwise, all posts are in the top menu – have a read, start a conversation, enjoy!





Just here living life with an outdoor-loving-whiskey-flavoured twist.

Come along with me as I explore, learn, grow and see what life has to offer through my twenties. Includes mountain highs and rocky life lows. Just keeping it real – but if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout it all it’s “live life, don’t just exist”.

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