London to Paris in 24 hours | Panic training

London to Paris in 24 hours | Panic training

With only six weeks to go I was starting to panic. Big time. 

Struck down with injury yet again a couple of months ago and with a 24 hour bike ride coming up in only six weeks nerves were most certainly getting the better of me.

I’ve only ever once properly followed a training plan before. It was out of a magazine and just happened to fit my race perfectly; it was great. I felt my fitness coming on in leaps and bounds (quite literally, as my super fitness was making me crazily happy). But then again, there have also been plenty of times that I’ve tried other plans but dropped them, as they simply weren’t tailored to what I wanted to do and so I felt no benefit, even injuring myself (again). Even so, that feeling from the first plan I tried still sticks with me so I thought that this time, rather than sourcing one from the internet, I’d find somebody to help me.

I was familiar with Holly through Casquette magazine and so dropped her a line to try and sort out a last minute program that would suit me and the level of training I needed to do. She’s been super cool and was quick to get things organised, setting me rides straight away to gauge where I was at and the intensity that I needed to be working at to be able to cover those 200 miles. I’m now in my first week of training with her and it’s been great so far. It has got me doing rides I wouldn’t have before.

It’s been a completely novel experience and I feel good knowing that the little time I have for training is being spent constructively. It makes me feel much more motivated to get outside knowing that everything I do is now being tracked. I sure can’t get away with skipping a workout now.

I’m looking forward to where this goes. I’m looking forward to feeling my fitness come back – to get that crazy happy feeling for my body being strong again. It’s an addictive feeling and I long to feel it again. Watch this space.


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  1. Mark Smith
    March 24, 2017 / 8:37 am

    Were out for a 220km ride on Saturday – its al getting very close. See you in Greenwich

    • hannahoutside
      March 24, 2017 / 1:42 pm

      Blimey! You’ll be flying! I’ve only just started training! 🙁