Training: photo diary

Training: photo diary

Where have the past few weeks gone? They’ve flown and I feel like I don’t know whether I am coming or going at the moment. Work is crazily busy as we ready the Gear Guide for all you wonderful people, the next round of Trail Running reviews are looking juicy and I’m scribbling away for my next couple of features in Trail. Not forgetting, I’m prepping for a weekend of back to back centuries (for which I am praying that my new Selle Royal saddle is going to arrive for – reviews look good), my 25th birthday and another 100 miler in the Forest of Bowland the weekend after.

Crazy life aside, here’s a small collection of photos I’ve managed to grab my biking adventures. In the nature of training, I’m not having so much time to stop and take photos now but I did sneak these few in. I’ve also got some awesome gear on test, which you’ll hear more about very soon – and just in time for summer – for Casquette magazine (more on this soon).

Fluro sleeves to be nice and visible on my commute


Sunset riding – bloody cold once the sun goes down…


Trying my very very best to keep up with awesome BBBs

I bought myself a base-layer – it’s super cute and works like a dream!


Cadence sensor FINALLY working and pairing. WIN


What is cycling without coffee?


Keep an eye on Casquette magazine for my review. Hint: it’s awesome


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