Mighty Little Mountain | Holyhead Mountain | Trail Magazine

Mighty Little Mountain | Holyhead Mountain | Trail Magazine
This is a little excerpt from my write-up in Trail magazine where I went exploring Holyhead Mountain on Anglesey. This walk led me to question my interpretation of what exactly makes a mountain. Although tiny ‘it’s also bursting with personality, rich in history and rife with wildlife’. Read on to hear my thoughts and if you like what you read and are interested in reading more of Trail click on the picture below.

“I’ve never questioned what a mountain is before; that is until I visited Holyhead Mountain. I know what you’re thinking. Something along the lines of ‘‘Anglesey has a mountain?!”, right? This I know because, tinged with surprise and doubt, the very same thought crossed my mind. The cliffs of Gogarth, which lie on the coast nearby, are renowned among the climbing community; but the area is definitely not well-known by mountain walkers. Nevertheless, marked there on the map is a dot labelled Holyhead Mountain and so, intrigued more than anything to see what Wales’s largest island would offer up, we set out to find it.

Situated on the north-western tip of Anglesey, it’s the highest point in the area at 220m, and noticeably so as it’s surrounded by the sea on three sides. Walking towards it, it seems like a pimple on the skyline; but the closer we got the more defined its edges became and the paths became ever so slightly wilder.”

Holyhead Mountain Anglesey


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