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Pushing the car door open the chilly sea air rushed in, enveloping us with more than a hint of excitement. We were on an adventure! How long has it been since we were last at the seaside?

And we were at Manorbier in Pembrokeshire, no less. I hadn’t been down here for a good ten years and I was thrilled to be showing Tom where I used to come on holiday as a kid.

October is usually not the best time to be going on holiday…

…but we didn’t really care. We wanted some fresh air and to be away from everything and that was certainly what we got. We’d opted to stay at the Youth Hostel at Manorbier, which isn’t actually in Manorbier at all but a little way outside it. It’s not the most attractive of buildings from the outside, being set in what looks like old military bunkers, but once you’re inside that doesn’t matter in the slightest. This building – along with several others – is a symbol of my childhood. I had some great times while staying here and I still treasure that. The inside had been done out since the last time I stayed here and was a bit more plush than I remembered as a kid.

The best beach in the world?

… not that I’ve been to all of them. Although Manorbier beach situated just over the headland is lovely, the weather looked better further afield so we jumped into the car and set out for Marloes Sands. This was another beach my family and I have frequented over the years and had many an adventure on. It has got to be one of the best beaches out there – evidence below.

There are beautiful places wherever you look…

As the tide was in when we arrived (great planning) we set out to enjoy the cliff top walk around to the headland. In the earlier summer months you can get the boat over to Skomer and see the puffins, which is definitely worth doing, but at this time of year it’s all about the seals. We didn’t see any pups but there were plenty of the adults lazing in the shadows.

Harbour life…

After a half hour stroll over the cliff tops (and a relaxing stop for coffee and cake) we arrived at Martin’s Haven, a quaint little bay, where a friendly seal was lounging in the bay and exploring everything that came his way – including me!

As I walked down to the shoreline, he came over and stared me down. It was brilliant to see him so close.

walking on marloes sands beach

For the walk back to the car, I’d probably opt to go back the way we came over the cliff tops as there’s a fair bit of road walking if you want to do a circular loop – and for October it was still busy along there. We then headed down to the beach itself. It’s a good mile long and full of rocks to climb, awesome geology and beautiful firm golden sand.

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