Klean Kanteen insulated flask: long term review

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Hand on heart, I go hardly anywhere without my flask and haven’t done since I first acquired it back in summer 2015. Usually full to the brim with coffee it comes with me to work, on day trips and out on the hill because it turns out that I can’t go without my coffee fix – you feel me?

As I am now going plastic free I thought it was about time that I put a proper review together for this trusty little flask of mine because I feel that everybody (especially if you’re a coffee fiend) needs this thing in their life.

I still remember the first time that I tested it out. I’d got up a four in the morning to made sure that I missed the traffic on my trip over to Snowdonia. It was a long enough trip without getting caught in weekend traffic. I filled my flask not long after, grabbed my pre-packed bag and set out. I was on a mission that day: I needed to put together a route for Trail and very much wanted a hot drink when I got there. If you’re familiar with Snowdonia you’ll already know that there are not many coffee shops over there. Especially where I was going. I’d be parking beneath Mynydd Mawr and it’s pretty damn sparse up there.

www.hannahoutside.com Mynydd Mawr Snowdonia

So I got there and hiked up the mountain. By the time I got to the summit it was midday: eight hours later. I was dying for a nice hot drink as I sheltered out of the wind. It was the perfect temperature – not hot but still very drinkable.

To demonstrate how good it is at holding its heat I did a little test before putting this review together. See the table below for temperature loss over the space of three hours. Please note that these temperatures were taken using black coffee. It will probably vary slightly for hot water or tea.


As you can see it drops by about a one degree Celsius every ten minutes, which I don’t think is too bad. I’m happy enough with it anyway.

What am I not so keen on?

If I was being very picky, which I am as this is an objective review, I would say that the fact that when you take the cap off, there’s nothing there to hold the heat in. In many flasks the cap is the cup and there’s a pouring device in place on the flask to let your drink through but keep the heat in. On this flask when you take the cap off (I do use this as a mini cup) the rest of your drink is left exposed to the cold, which will let a lot of heat out.

Edit: Klean Kanteen have commented that they now have an updated version with improved cap. Waiting on details to see what the new cap is like.

I must say though that the drink never lasts long anyway, so this has never been a huge issue for me but I can fully appreciate that it will be for many.


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