Review: Packing cubes by Trakke

Trakke Packing Cube Review

I’d love to know how packing cubes came to be but whoever created them, I’d like to thank you for revolutionising my packing. Since discovering how much more organised traveling is by using cubes, I’ve not been anywhere without them.

I googled so many cubes before I went to Australia and really struggled to find ones I liked the look of – and that weren’t made out of plastic. My conscious wouldn’t allow me to buy more plastic, even though I’d use them again. Inspiration struck me when I remembered my lovely Trakke bag made out of wax canvas. Sure enough, Trakke had bold and bright cubes also made out of waxed canvas with only the zip as plastic – bingo! So two went in my basket and, click, they were on their way to me…

Why use packing cubes?

My trip to Australia saw me pack an impressive amount of clothes into two large Trakke packing cubes. It was the first time that I’d really used them and from the start I appreciated how much easier they made life on the road. My bag was tidy and I knew where everything was; it meant my clothes stayed neat (no getting in a jumble when you’re on the move), mostly crease free (roll your clothes neatly and it keeps them largely crease free), and I didn’t have to unpack my entire bag whenever I was searching for something, which happened a lot traveling in a van up Australia.

When wild camping I would always have used dry bags as they act as great compression bags meaning you can pack as much as possible into your rucksack, while keeping it organised (your waterproof is always on at the bottom when you need it, huh?). I must admit that I supplemented my two Trakke packing cubes with extra Lifeventure dry bags in Australia – just to keep different clothing items separated for organisation.

Trakke Packing Cube Review

In the two large Trakke cubes I packed:

  •             2x Jeans
  •             1x chinos
  •             5x tops
  •             4x dresses (we had a wedding to go to)
  •             2x shorts
  •             2x cardi’s
  •             1x jumper
  •             1x scarf

It was something like that anyway… I fit a lot in because by packing them into cubes the clothes are compressed, saving as much space as possible. Then in a couple of dry bags I packed too many socks, two bikinis and underwear. Turns out that there are loads of places to wash clothes along the East coast of Australia and 40l worth of ‘stuff’ was too much.

Other things I love (love love) about the Trakke packing cubes

It’s so satisfying when you really find a brand and/or products that work for you… Thinking outside the box, they make great seats or pillows where no other options are available. I used mine for sitting on the beach for sunrise at Etty Bay and as a pillow on K’Gari (Fraser Island) in the tent at camp.

Trakke Packing Cube Review

As much as I would love for there to be a variety of colours (again, for easy organisation) I must admit that the bright yellow, apart from being a happy colour, makes it very easy to find what you want in the bag. The bright colour helps illuminate the inside so you can see much more easily than if it was black. As an aside, that’s something I love about their Storr bag, too…

I loved these cubes so much that I ordered another  – the medium – when I returned and have since used that as a vessel to carry a weekend’s worth of underwear. One large cube and one small one, plus shoes fits perfectly into my Storr rucksack for traveling light on a weekend away.

What is Trakke?

Trakke is a small independent company based in Scotland. Their products are handmade and don’t use plastic (as much as possible), which is a huge thumbs up from me. The craftsman ship is wonderful and you can see that, although these bags – or anything by this company – cost a lot of money, they’re well made, beautiful designed, made in the UK and made with love.

Just as an FYI, this post is not sponsored. I wish… I’m just a huge fan of their products.

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Trakke packing cubes review


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