My plastic free favourites so far

plastic free favourites

Well lovely readers, we are ten – nearly eleven whole months into our plastic free challenge and it’s been quite the journey. There’s been triumphs but there’s also been struggles to figure out how this no plastic lifestyle thing works. So I thought that I would share some of my favourite plastic free substitutes, thoughts and finds with you.

  1. The walk to the bakery in the morning and going to the market on Saturday. Eating local foods and supporting local business was a nice little side benefit that we hadn’t really clocked. Without going into too much detail and causing too many arguments, we see eating locally as the most sustainable option for us and going plastic free has definitely helped us in the right direction. We no longer eat as much meat, which we both feel good for, but we now also don’t eat so many things like avocados or nuts which are intensively farmed and damaging to the environment to produce and ship all the way around the world either.
  2. The milkman! It’s like Christmas here twice a week when we get a delivery of milk, eggs, butter and (best of all) orange juice – all in glass, paper and card. Horray!
  3. Thinking more creatively about food and consequently eating much healthier.
  4. Wooden travel cutlery – it’s super cute and hardy (believe me, as I accidentally put it through the washing machine). The idea of this is that when you’re out traveling you can say no to the plastic cutlery that comes with so many on-the-go options.
  5. Using a bar of soap and not having plastic bottles cluttering up the sides of the bath – or any surface! There are some completely beautiful soaps out there. My favourite so far has been from the Northumberland Tartan Co.
  6. Beauty Kubes shampoo. These little gems are a little pricey but they work wonders on my hair. I’ve fallen head over heels for them, for sure. I had varying success with shampoo bars but mostly found that they didn’t do quite the job I wanted but these little gems are a winner for sure. They’ve left my hair looking wonderful every single time.Going plastic free Beauty Kubes
  7. Denttabs are small tablets of toothpaste. You just chew on it and brush – no plastic involved. Plus, it contains fluoride.
  8. The discovery of Zao makeup – more to come soon on plastic free beauty products.
  9. Not having much waste. Last year our recycling and our rubbish bins were over flowing but since cutting plastic out and getting a compost bin we can go a really long time without needing to take the bins out – which cuts stress if you forget to put them out for collection.
  10. If You Care Firelighters – these little gems have no toxic nasties in them, don’t smell and burn so well. And obviously, no plastic packaging.
  11. Bio-Bean Coffee Logs – another nice little find for the fire. Made of used coffee grounds these logs burn well and they burn hot!
  12. KeepCups! I already used mine to death even before the whole plastic free revolution kicked off but now it’s out there how truly bad takeaway coffee cups actually are, I am all over it even more – if that’s possible!
  13. Shops like Plastic Free Pantry and Plastic Freedom. Here’s a bit of a quick edit (excuse the fact that it cuts off at the end – my memory card ran out of room, but it gives you an idea of how food is packaged from Plastic Free Pantry. There is a split bag but the parcel it up in a sturdy box and, as you’ll be cooking your food anyway, it doesn’t matter – to me anyway).
  14. Handkerchiefs – weirdly. This is the one I thought I’d hate – but it’s so much nicer than using disposable hankies, which are much rougher on your nose.
  15. Remembering to have my re-useable bag on me. This challenge has actually made me think about my actions and it’s now rare that I go out of the house without my bag, which is a really satisfying feeling.
  16. Conversation.  This challenge is one that everybody wants to talk about – they’ve seen it in the news etc and are really interested – it’s a good debate.
  17. Hand in hand with that is inspiring others. The end of those conversations usually rounds off with a comment about how inspiring it is and that they’ve started to take a water bottle or coffee cup with them instead of buying out.

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  1. Melanie
    December 26, 2018 / 3:57 am

    I quite like taking my own container on the rare occasions that we get take away food. It’s quite easy for sushi, and my local Indian take away has used my own containers on request, too.

  2. Patricia Briggs
    June 30, 2019 / 9:35 pm

    I am trying to get rid of Glad/Saran Wrap. I have made Bees Wax Wraps and fabric bowl covers as well as having a selection of silicon covers but I need an alternative for putting meat in the freezer. I buy my meat when I do my gorcery shop and split into meal size portions and wrap in plastic wrap. Any ideas out there?

    • July 1, 2019 / 7:43 am

      Hi Patricia, I just continue to use my tuppawear for storing things in the freezer. It takes up more room but it means I then use what’s in the freezer more rather than forever store it!