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Into a cold embrace, Coniston, Trail magazine

If I went through the motions as many times as possible it would become natural. There would be nothing to worry about. It would be fine. It was nearly two years ago since I passed my winter skills course, and said skills were a little rusty. Nerves were getting the better of me. I swung my axe again. If the worst happened, I’d remember how to do an ice axe arrest.

I’d chosen this route as an entry-level winter adventure, as a good stepping stone and confidence boost for getting back into the winter mountains. It didn’t require anything too technical – I hoped.

With a white cloak snapping in the wind behind him, The Old Man of Coniston stood high above us. At first glance it seemed peaceful enough, resting against a pale grey sky; but when we looked closer there was trouble looming in the creeping black clouds and the ever-increasing ferocity of the spindrift swirling higher and higher.

This featured in Trail magazine in March 2017. Read the full article here: Into a cold embrace by Hannah James, Trail magazine

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