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I had to take a second look when the email notification popped up on my phone screen. Things like this just don’t happen to me…

But there it was. This email kindly stated that my blog had been put forward by somebody to go into the mix for the GoOutdoors Outdoor Awards for 2018. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone looked at my blog… and compared to everyone else who’s in there, don’t feel like I’m really that worthy of being in there in the first place!

This year has been a hard one and I’ve struggled on a physical and mental level to cope with it so this out of the blue email was so unbelievably uplifting and wonderful to receive because although I’m not consistent in my writing (I find it kinda hard being creative in my day job to then come home and write even more) it’s such a good feeling to see that people are actually noticing it and spending a bit of time in my tiny little corner of the internet and sharing my love of getting into the outdoors.

The competition is extremely fierce with some awesome and well established outdoor blogs but I’m just thrilled to have been put forward in the first place! That said, I do like to try and put up a bit of a fight so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far I’d be unbelievably grateful if you send a vote my way. You can vote here:

Photo credit, Tom Bailey, Trail Magazine (

If you’re wondering where to start on looking round, I’ve put some links below. Or, you know, feel free to just have a browse:

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