Waterfalls in Spain | Fuentes del Algar

Las Fuentes del Algar

This little beauty spot is tucked away, hidden in the rough and ragged hills of Alicante. From what we researched it looked little a nice little spot to go and explore so off we went.

By the time we arrived it was 11am and there were already many cars lining the many car parks. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be quite as quiet as we had initially hoped, we parked up (remember to bring cash if you visit) and set out to find the waterfalls. I was excited because you didn’t just look at these falls from afar. No, you could swim in them and there was a whole series of them to enjoy. Amazing!

That was what we thought anyway. The pools were crowded with people, many jumping in right by a No Jumping sign and many trying to get the perfect Instagram shot. Wading our way through the crowds we finally found a spot that we could properly swim in. While still very busy it was fun to be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience and you could, albeit briefly, forget about the numbers of people there. 

Even the crowds of people couldn’t dim the fact that this place was completely and utterly beautiful. The falls of varying sizes cascaded into large turquoise pools the whole way down and trees in flower lined the banks the whole way down stream. I would’ve loved to have gone back earlier in the day. 

There’s no doubt that Falls de Algar is a natural beauty spot and even the fact that it’s been transformed into some sort of leisure centre with stairways, pathways and bridges lining the way up the gorge cannot take away from this. I’d wager that it’s a must do if you’re in the area but I would be select about the time that you go. We went in July, in the school holidays, and we didn’t turn up until late morning. It might be worth investigating going for when they open (yes, it’s a pay-for entry place), or later in the evening and off peak. 

Things you need to know for visiting the falls:

  • Take cash
  • Don’t pull into the first car park you see – they’re the same price the whole way up the road. We parked opposite the bar, which took card and did pretty cheap coffee and food. 
  • It was €5 per adult (July 2019)
  • Go kitted out with something to sit on and plenty of water
  • If you can, take hardly anything in – the sun will dry you pretty fast and then you don’t need to worry about your stuff when you go for a dip.
  • You can’t take food in so eat before you go
  • There’s a locker for valuables but it’s tiny. Put your phone if you need to take it in a waterproof bag. They only take cash for the locker.
  • Wear waterproof shoes – it will help in the pools, which are natural after all and covered in rock

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