What’s your bucket list? Here’s mine

What’s your bucket list? Here’s mine

When I came across Alikat’s Bucket List Challenge I really had to stop and think about what would be on mine. There are simply so many things. In recent years I’ve really prioritised thinking of what I want to do with the UK as a base because there is simply so much here that people miss as they chase adventures abroad.

What is a bucket list?

It’s your list of things you’ve always wanted to do – some people love to put the really big things on there but I think smaller things are not to be under estimated either – such as getting back in touch with our nature through outdoor experiences. This is especially true with the work culture we have. Comment below with what you’d love to put on your bucket list!

Anyway, here goes with what’s made it to my current list…

1. Tour Du Mont Blanc

My number one thing that I want to do – when I think of all the things that I want achieve – is the Tour Du Mont Blanc. Those alpine trails and the notoriously brutal running race that takes place on it every year excites me. Not for the challenge of the race, although the challenge of the hike appeals to me but rather because I want to be able to stop and take in the moment. Notice the small things – to basque in those alpine meadows. Meadows are a thing of beauty and something we’ve largely lost over the years in the UK. Over the past year I’ve become very interested in noticing nature and reading about it, prompted firstly when I picked up Dave Goulson’s book ‘Bee Quest’. Sustainability of our planet and the wonderful nature within it is important to me and I think everyone needs to be able to stop and take notice. 

2. Walk all the Wainwrights in the Lake District

If there’s one thing that’s brought me peace over the years it is being up a mountain. Then you add in the fact that there’s a challenge element to completing all the Wainwrights. Do I need an excuse to go to the mountains more? Sometimes… I work full time and it’s pretty full on. That challenge element of it gives motivation to keep going and doing what I love – even though life often gets in the way.

3. Walk the Welsh coast line

I once walked the Pembrokeshire Coastline and it was not something to be under estimated. My word. The coast may not be mountainous but when you’re carrying packs and walking up and down those cliff top paths… It’s hard work. Then you have the fact that Wales is a truly beautiful country. Walking the wild west coast would be a trip to remember. 

4. Cycle the West Atlantic Way in Ireland

I’m not totally sure what the lure is. People say it’s wild and I can’t help but feel that magnetic pull towards anything that gets away from the crowds… There’s also something about exploring a place under your own steam. I think you feel more connected to your surroundings – you’re traveling through them at a much slower pace than by car. 

5. Explore the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Is there anyone who comes back from Skye and hasn’t had the best time? Those dramatic views are something I need to soak up for myself. Also, swim in the fairy pools? Yes please!

6. Visit the dramatic cliffs of the Faroe islands

Remote and wild with sheer cliffs and brutal weather – sign me up. Since seeing photos of those triangular, gulp worthy cliffs, I just need to go. No other way about it.

7. Wild swim on the beautiful Cornish coast

Wild swimming is a new one for me and I’m hooked. I feel drawn to the sea more and more as I get older and find peace while there – oddly when the weather is wild. Of course, I don’t want the weather to be wild while swimming in the sea but you could say the force of the sea can be felt while you’re in it (rather than looking at it) and it has that same impact of making you realise how powerful and wondrous nature is. 

8. Climb Kilimanjaro 

This magnificent African mountain stands proud all on its own – it’s a challenge to climb it surely…. 

9. The Mongolia Rally

When he left school, Tom did the Mongolia Rally – an adventure that took him the whole way across Europe before arriving in Mongolia. This adventure opened his eyes to parts of the world that many don’t see and I love the thought of this. We’ve discussed doing something similar but my mechanics probably aren’t quite up to scratch…

Some more fun things…

Skinny dip –

This feels kinda naughty but I bet it’s so liberating. I’ve always been quiet and reserved throughout my life (I’m not sure this is ever going to change) so this one feels like a huge challenge for me…

Wild camp more –

Including in winter. Gosh, I love camping and I wish I had time to get to the Lake District more. Read about one trip from 2019 here.

Experience mountain top sunrises regularly –

These are utterly glorious and always worth getting up for. Yes, even if the sun doesn’t quite show its face. It’s a great feeling to be up before the rest of the world… See one of my favourite mountain sunrises here

Live in a van for a while –

I so enjoyed our trip to Scotland in a hired van a couple of years ago. I’m super excited to announce that we’ve put in an order to Campal (a modular camping unit you fit into a van or car) to create that camper van experience but without doing the fitting work. Tom’s car is a company car so we can’t make any changes to it. Watch this space!

A couple of thoughts…

Bucket lists are really great but I think that often people can get down about not achieving them. There are so many things to do in this wonderful world and it’s hard to accept that we simply cannot do it all.

Does that mean that you should give up on it? No, of course not. I do feel that making sure your every day is full, fun and satisfying your need for fresh air and something out of the norm – even if it’s getting outside for an hour, walking to work or simply walking a different way to usual. 

Learn something new every day or do something different. Try reading a book, painting, listening to a podcast. There are lots of ways of making life rich and lots of things to be grateful for, whether you achieve everything on your bucket list or not. 


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