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Roseberry Topping BAM leggings

Coming in a range of patterns the BAM Enduro leggings are bold and bright and super funky. I’ve had them on test for three months and feel in a pretty good place to give a nice longer-term review.

  • Brand: BAM
  • Website:
  • Price: £49
  • Details: high waisted, 7/8 leggings, small pocket
  • Material: bamboo viscose, organic cotton and elastane
  • Material weight: 340gsm
  • Pattern: mosaic print

My first impression when they came out of the package was just how soft they were. These were definitely going to be comfortable to wear and I was right. The soft bamboo based material sits snuggly against your skin with a wide comfortable waistband. They were a boost to get myself back into training properly, having signed up for the Snowdonia Trail Half in July 2020. Over the winter months when I wasn’t wearing them day-to-day (shopping in my active wear) I tested them out in the gym, hiking (including dog walks) and running. 

Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

I felt so good in them in the gym, especially in an environment where there just weren’t any other women. It’s a nice feeling to feel confident to walk into the weights room. With Flo in the household, you can imagine just how much walking we need to do to keep her exercised and happy and, when I didn’t walk her straight from work, these were often my go-to. 

There’s one niggle with them for me though. This is the waistband. While it’s very comfortable – and great for low impact sports like being in the gym and yoga, it’s not as great for long hikes or running when you want them to stay firmly in place. I found that while I needed a slightly larger size to go over my thighs, it does mean it’s slightly looser around my waist. 

It’s not stopped me running in them though. I just slip my Nathan running belt over my hips, which means I can carry my phone, keys, snack and hanky without needing to use the small pocket built into the leggings waistband. The belt helps to keep the leggings firmly in place. When I look at my older synthetic material leggings, I would still have this problem if they didn’t have an inbuilt tie-cord. I end up really cinching the cord on these very tightly around my wasit to keep them secure.  With this in mind, a cord through the waistband would really solve this problem on the Enduro.

Mid-run in Bushy Park, London

To end this review on a positive note, with all this wear they’ve been washed many times over the past few months and haven’t faded, I’ve not noticed any wear and tear on the seams and no slackening in the material. 

The Spring 2020 collection has just been released with a whole new range of bright and fantastic colours and patterns. If you’re keen take a look on their website

See the BAM Enduro leggings in this hike video

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