I came across this TED talk the other day and it really made me chuckle. There are so many things that you can do to become healthy but is it really healthy to be obsessed about being healthy?

A year or so ago, I was very very concious about my health. I was fed up of being tired and ill all the time. I already led an active and, what I had always assumed, healthy lifestyle so why was I feeling down and tired all the time? I still don’t know for sure. I perhaps should have gone to get allergy tested but I just wanted to clean up my diet. I ate a lot of carbs. A lot. My whole diet seemed to consist of pasta. I loved pasta. Correction, I love pasta. Albeit, as soon as I cut it out of my diet I found that my energy levels picked up. I still find myself very tired a lot of the time and have to make a very concious effort to eat as well as I can and get out and exercise; being fit certainly helps the situation.

As time has gone on, I am still eating as well as I can but I am not as obsessive about being the healthiest that I can and with this has come some relief. I will allow myself to have nice things, so long as I generally eat well most of the time. The more that I do this, the more I find that cake is not as appealing as it once was (sure, I still like it a lot but the way that it makes me feel very heavy and grim afterwards is not always worth it). I do find that eating refined food does have a bigger impact on me now and so I am less likely to eat it very often. I eat healthy food on a daily basis and experimenting with ‘healthier’ versions of cakes and snacks and so I can still eat treats but without the guilt! I have found that having a  balance of healthy foods with treats suits me well. You have to enjoy life. It is not the be all or end all if you have a slight slip up. Just get on with it and enjoy things!

The idea of being healthy can become so dominant, taking up all your time and making you feel so guilty when you indulge that it surely is not healthy in itself?

This video is worth a watch for highlighting that being too obsessive about your health can harm you in other ways, which I think is very important to consider. Mental health is just as important as physical health and being healthy should not be detrimental to your social life or family life.