About Me | How I came to love the outdoors

About Me | How I came to love the outdoors


As a child I was always outside, building forts out of sticks, play-fighting with my brother and sister and generally enjoying the freedom of roaming free. I undeniably had a privileged upbringing living on a farm. Each and every day we were outside playing in the woods by the house while my parents were working. As we got older we’d load up our bikes full of tools and venture further afield to the woods on the other side of the farm.



As time went on I started working on the farm myself, helping with the cattle, poultry and crop harvest. It was hard work and taught me the meaning of ‘put your back into it’ but it didn’t dim my love of getting into the outdoors. We started going walking with friends and climbed the big three names: Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike. Soon we were venturing to other peaks and added other Lake District summits to the list. I was hooked. As soon as I could drive, I’d take myself off to Pen Y Fan in an evening or Snowdonia in a weekend. I started cycling as a means to get to my friend’s houses and became heavily involved with horses and riding as well as the normal school sports.

BUCS Loughborough rowing clubHOW HIGH? HOW FAR?

University came and I dabbled in rowing, frequented the gym, joined the cycling club and signed up to a charity trek in Peru. Although the rowing, school sports and horse-riding for the most part slipped through the net as I left university, I continued to cycle and walk. This passion for the outdoors got me my job on Trail, Country Walking and Trail Running magazines and so, although I now work a 9-5 job, I work with the outdoors every day amongst like-minded people.



GEAR TESTINGear testing Trail Running MagazineG
A large part of my current job is reviewing running and walking kit for the magazines. I test each piece of kit outside on my various forays into the outdoors each month. I aim to give more exposure to women’s kit through this, pushing for kit that makes us women look and feel good, as well as being up to the job of toughing out our outdoor adventures.



Outdoor Women: Me and Mum on Fan Y Big looking towards Pen Y Fan


Despite having grown up in a beautiful area I know very few women my own age who liked to get out and explore and so I’ve been doing my best to push how great it is. It was my main reason for starting this blog. I push for exposure to women’s outdoor kit on Trail and Trail Running magazines and writing about my walks in Trail. If I can get out and do it, anyone can.

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Through my work and this blog, I am aiming to inspire as many people as possible to get outside and make the most of their life.




Check out this small selection of photos of my outdoor adventures:

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For your information:

I don’t make any money from my blog – it’s my hobby and way to achieve my aim of inspiring others outside. There are products on my site, however, that I have been sent by brands for testing. Please be aware that I will always give my honest opinion on these products. Having been reviewing kit regularly for Trail and Trail Running magazine (I am gear editor for Trail Running) with the odd review for Total Women’s Cycling, I know brands appreciate hearing constructive feedback in order to improve their products. I also want you, as a reader, to have the best possible time outdoors without worrying about your kit not performing so I will not mislead you about a product.